10 OKT 2011
Today i felt happy to see my students all learning animals topuic happily, they try to fold their colour paper , some of them can make vey well and some of them can't. They can anwer my question correctly and they all wish to try the activity. Lastly, i had invited them to sing together with me, i was using a youtube video to teach them , they learn it full with fun.

5 OKT 2011

Some of the student complaint that there don't understand the duck's story and they couldn't learn the song becuase there were no song's lyric. I think i'd better looking for more easier story to make sure my student can undertand it and try to find those songs which have lyrics to make my pnp more smoothly.


2 OKT 2011
   Today is a good day , because all my students gave me true answer when I use LCD to view the website courseware to them , all of them would like to try this new thing. But, I still think if I show them a film of real animals (like duck) , maybe can make my pnp more much better, I will try my best to do it.